A Decade of His Grace

Mahal ako ni Hesus, oh, oh..

Mahal ako ni Hesus, oh, oh..

Eto’y aawitin ko sa inyo sa mundo..”

Nostalgia hit me as this song rang in my head the other day. Reminiscing my childhood days, I realized I was just a little girl when I first created a dance. The cast trusted me as I instructed them to do some single single double double and some turn here turn there. ‘Twas fun and memorable. I never knew after several years I would be creating dances with the same theme.

April 9, 2005. Summer Dance Workshop.  Binondo to Manila.  Cathedral of Praise. Dance Room.  New faces.  No friends. I didn’t know what made me say yes to Mama to join the workshop. I barely knew anyone in the church. I don’t even know that a dance room existed there. I sat quietly observing until someone shouted “Let’s gather.” And that’s the start of my journey as a creative minister.  Wonderful things happened thereafter. Grace comes to me consistently, wave upon wave.

The wonderful things I’m pertaining to would outnumber my fingers let alone my toes. I’ll just zoom in to one but the most.

Allow me to recount one significant miracle that strengthens my commitment in the ministry. Few years back, we were in a rigorous rehearsal. Sweat all over. Bodies flying. Exhibition here and there. My turn came. From a split, I tried to raise my back leg to touch my head. Bam! Wrong move. My knee got dislocated. Piercing pain surged all over my body. I lied on the floor almost immovable. “Are you okay, Rose?” I’m not. “Can you move?” I can’t. If you would ask me to rate the pain from 1-10, I’d say NINE. I was still conscious but rather wished to be in a deep sleep. Being tortured by the pain, my eyes moistened. Dislocation is not a rarity for a dancer like me. I got weak knees. One time, standing near the barre, I lifted a leg to mirror the combination when in a snap I was on the floor. My knee got dislocated. 2 weeks recovery.

The most painful one I ever had was that after my split.  So, while I was lying there, feeling all the pain brought by the misaligned bones, I called the name of the Lord. Amidst the pain, my mind went back to the magnificent truth I know, God is my Healer. My co-dancers started praying with me. Few seconds after a roaring AMEN, my bones all at once went back to its places. Ate Amie felt the movement for she was holding my legs. I believed that right at that moment God’s hand was on my knee. Miracle. I call it a MIRACLE. Wouldn’t you shed tears in times like this?

Standing up, I felt the searing pain no more. There was neither limping nor faltering. I was in bewilderment. I couldn’t wrap my brain around such paradox. A minute before, I was lying in agony, a minute after I was walking in victory. That was GOD. He can turn things around. I honestly thought that was the end but God crafted a testimony out of it.

I rushed in to the prayer room as tears gushed from my eyes. I knelt down in prayer.  My heart’s bursting with joy and gratefulness. God and I had a deep and long talk. I won’t account here the full details but to give you the general picture of it. I made a vow. I promised to serve Him all my life but I told Him that I need stronger knees to fulfill it. His promise is simple: You can do everything through My Son who strengthens you.

Healing has been provided 2000 years ago. Jesus was on the cross for He wanted me to have sturdy and stable knees. I received complete healing on that day. Since then, I never had any dislocation. Talk about God being true to His promise.

April 9, 2015 marks my 10th year in the Creative ministry. More wonderful things happened in between. Even the adjective “wonderful” is an understatement.

With this, I celebrate a decade of His Grace. (Insert chorus of Still Standing) I fondly anticipate spending my lifetime dancing before the King of kings and the Lord of lords and seeing miracles in the lives of His beloveds. (At the Cross playing in the background)


The last dance I and God choreographed was “Joy to the World”. There were the two of my favorite stories from the Bible. The woman who heard Jesus said “Go and sin no more.” and the man who received his sight. I LOVE MIRACLES because I for one witnessed a lot.

Jesus take all of me

I run to You, I run to You.

I lay everything at Your feet.

Let my life be Yours..



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