It was a night full of stars. The Dipper, the Orion, the Pleiades and the stars in the south can be seen from a lonely land of Enamoured. In this land where coffee is being dreaded upon, Christmas has never been the talk of the town. They throw big parties for birthdays but for Christmas? They would rather spend the day in bed while watching a marathon of movies.
In this ironic place, there lived THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL who makes matches for a living. She lost her family at a young age and tried to survive on her own ever since. That cold winter night, he was staring at a beauteous star and its beauty caused her insides to do some strange somersaults. Her eyes was about to let go a tear when she chanced to see RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER flying by himself. It hit her. Christmas is near. The sight tempted her to retrieve memories from the last Christmas but she can’t pull even one special. Her train of thoughts was cut off when in a snap the town was eaten by darkness as if someone commanded a lights-out. Few seconds after, the town was in panic. You know, in this town, caffeine is flowing in their veins so multiply panic a hundred times. The little girl stood up and ran. As she braved the rush of panic stricken people, one of her slippers got torn. Then she bumped with THE NUTCRACKER AND THE MOUSE, she asked the reason behind all this panic attack. “We lost the town’s electricity supply. We can never get it back.” “Who’s the culprit?” The two looked at each other as if the question came with a curse. They whispered with traces of fear in their voice, “The Grinch!” and ran as fast as they could.
The little girl moved her arms from side to side gently to check what lies before her when she felt a tap tap from a creature smaller than her. “Young lady?” Before she even turns to check, another tap tap came from the other side. She adjusted her sight to see through the dark. THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER were trembling behind her not because of fear but of the cold wind that brushes on their skin. “Do you have anything to keep warm?”. The little girl remembered the remaining matches seated in her pocket. She thought about it. She looked at the weakish creatures and back to the few matches she had. Just then the shoemaker let out a terrible smoker’s cough. The elves gathered around him. Something in the little girl’s heart took place as that scene happened before her eyes. The unusual kind of stirring inside her led her feet to the old shoemaker. She handed him some matches, “Sir, these might help.” The old man with gratitude in his eyes said, “Thank you, little angel.” The elves immediately searched for blocks of wood and created a small bonfire. They all sat around it and spread both their hands to keep warm. “Sir, do you know who the Grinch is?”, one of the elves curiously asked. “You better hear HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS last year. Well, he’s obsessed in slowly killing Christmas so he burned Santa Claus’ factory using matches and posted on the streets “Santa Claus resigned and promised to never come back.” It kills the small hope of the little children to experience Christmas. The old ones just shrugged their shoulders, arched an eyebrow and ignored the news.” The little girl jumped up and asked, “Why? Why is he killing Christmas?”
“‘TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS when all the change in him occurred.  THE SNOW QUEEN and THE SNOWMAN got a fight that day. They hurled insults at each other which grew worse till their anger created a snow storm. The Grinch’s family was just a stone throw away from the deadly peril. To cut it short, only the Grinch was left alive. As a result, he robs the town of Enamoured every Christmas. He might have taken doctorate degree in ruining Christmas for the town’s folks don’t even bother celebrating the season anymore. And to answer your question, Revenge, my dear, is the reason.”, narrated by the old man.
That night, the little girl couldn’t put herself to sleep so she decided to walk. In her sojourn, she saw a cave which looks inviting for she felt the cold of the night. She rushed inside and lighted a match. To her surprise a strange looking face was directly looking not at her but to the lighted match. “Why do you have that match in your hand?” The voice frightened even the smallest hair in her body. Speechless, she stood there with shaking knees. “I.. (gasps) I.. make a living out of these since I was a little child. ” The Grinch’s face changed and he studied the little girl. Few years back, he lost a daughter one tragic night. Christiana was born the same date when people commemorate THE HOLY NIGHT. She was about to blow her birthday candle when the deadly peril hit them. Her body was never found. When she was staring at the little girl in front of her, he felt a different kind of stirring in his heart. It was warm and unexplainable. He felt Christmas.
A CHRISTMAS CAROL was playing in the background.
Love came down at Christmas,
Love all lovely, Love Divine,
Love was born at Christmas,
Star and Angels gave the sign.



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